The Plans

Enjoy your own passive solar greenhouse with our easy-to-follow plans. The greenhouse plan package includes:

  • 2 copies of large format sheet (22” x 36”) showing the design configuration and overall dimensions
  • 2 copies of large format sheet (22” x 36”) showing clear diagrams and step-by-step instructions for each of the 12 construction stages (see sample to your right)
  • Complete ‘Parts and Materials’ list
  • Source of supply for selected parts and materials
  • U. S. Climate Zone map with details for selecting optimal in-ground insulation depth, and thermal storage levels, for your region

Buy NowTechnical Info

Having been involved in the construction of one of these greenhouses and having observed its passive thermal properties over several years, I can say first-hand that there are many aspects of this design that contribute to its overall excellence. Most importantly, the end result is extremely efficient at capturing solar energy and retaining heat, resulting in a bright, spacious environment that extends the growing season dramatically. The structure is extremely sturdy, and the pitch of the roof sheds snow easily, allowing light to enter and thereby continuing to heat the space. Relatively tall ceilings allow for vertical growing and/or tool storage, and the inside space feels large relative to its footprint. I strongly encourage this option for anyone who seeks to save time with a proven structure made easy by the many designing hours that are apparent in these plans.
–Strouse C, permaculturist