Scientists now recognize that global climate disruption is creating threats to the worldwide system of food production.  Regional spikes in drought and extreme weather events, along with the accompanying crop losses and soil depletion, mean that our food supply is becoming less and less secure.  Food prices will continue to reflect these climate disruptions.  (Detailed in full in Diet for a Hot Planet by Anne Lappe´).

As interest in ‘local-food’ continues to grow, this unique greenhouse offers individuals and organizations a way to extend the normal growing seasons.

“It’s a special treat to be able to step into a passive solar greenhouse where vegetables and herbs abound. Best of all, I know that the greenhouse is using the power of the sun rather than fossil fuels that traditional greenhouses rely upon for year round gardening. Finally, a fulfilling way to bring fresh food to our table in the colder months without contributing to the carbon footprint. I love the design.”
–Barbara H, Mother of 4